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You can’t market or sell your way out of a recession, because consumers are tightening their purse strings. You can’t innovate your way out, because consumers want proven solutions, not new untried ones. However, you can immediately increase your profits by reviewing costs and eliminating inadvertent mismanagement in your telecom expenses.

Why focus on telecom expense? It’s significant. The average Fortune 500 organization reports that telecommunications costs account for 3.6% of revenue, making it a top three line item expense, consuming about one-third of the average IT budget.

Gartner Research has reported that: 80% of telecommunications and Internet bills are over-billed by 6-12%, 85% of businesses do not audit their telecom bills, 90% of companies do not have any visibility into their wireless spending; and, that companies tend to perpetuate on-going errors by paying on trend within 10% of previous invoices.

With the converging of telecom and IT departments, CIOs and CFOs have inherited the responsibility for managing telecom contracts, and most companies have limited resources with this level of expertise.

Comtel Information Services will stop this financial hemorrhage now. When the economy turns around, as it always does, you will not only have more money, but you will be able to offer better prices than your competition and still make good profits.

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