Effective Telecommunication Cost Control Solutions


Founded in 1994, Comtel Information Services provides cost control solutions for voice, data and information services that save our clients thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year while reducing many of the problems associated with managing their telecommunications network. Due to inadvertent mismanagement, many enterprises lose substantial portions of their net profit in obsolete, overpriced and even fraudulent services. In some situations, it can be the second highest expense after salaries. These costs are often overlooked because they are considered overhead, are the most complicated of all utilities to evaluate, and no one in the organization is directly responsible for telecom cost control.

As independent consultants, we can seamlessly integrate multi-vendor services including wireless, voice and video, enhanced data and communications management services to organizations in the continental United States. CPAs as well as financial and IT executives count on us and our network of highly experienced professionals and their many years of industry experience to immediately impact bottom-line results. We typically reduce our clients’ telecommunications expense by 10% - 60% while providing a higher level of service and customer satisfaction by:

  • » Identifying and eliminating inadvertent mismanagement – recommending more effective and efficient use of telecommunication networks and services while identifying and eliminating unnecessary, obsolete and fraudulent charges.
  • » Matching each client’s unique needs to the combination of reputable service providers best suited in terms of technology, value, flexibility, service and long-term growth.
  • » Providing on-going strategic consultation that is current, comprehensive, cost-effective, reliable, guaranteed, and fits our client’s needs.


Our performance-based philosophy guarantees, in writing, minimum specific annual savings on any solutions we recommend and our clients benefit from expert consultation, multi-level technical support and unsurpassed customer service.

Marketing Philosophy

We increase our clients’ profitability by providing a constant flow of useful information, education and recommendations based upon our clients’ best interests. If we help our clients make better decisions, then they will prosper. If they do well, then so will we.

We believe that business relationships must be earned by the following commitments: constantly updating our industry knowledge, not making excuses, always telling the truth, understanding our client’s vision, delivering what we promise, avoiding technical jargon, alerting our clients to opportunities, always responding with what we can do, sharing both good and bad news.


bill dubovsky

Bill Dubovsky has a proven track record of business success spanning over 25 years of revenue enhancement in areas of sales, marketing and customer service. Since 1994, he has helped hundreds of organizations, from large multi-site health-related facilities and nation-wide non-profits, to small professional practices, successfully reduce and manage their telecom challenges. During his career at Digital Equipment Corporation (currently Hewlett-Packard Corporation), he earned positions of increasing responsibility in business development, customer service and sales and marketing management. He has been a board member of several business and non-profit organizations as well as being an active in his community. Bill is a 1998 recipient of the Louis R. Miller Award for emerging businesses and has been an adjunct lecturer in computer science and business at the College of Staten Island, City University of New York. He writes the technology and marketing columns for Staten Island Business Trends, a monthly business newspaper.