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Q: Why should I consult with Comtel Information Services and not directly with a carrier representative?
A: A carrier's sales representative's goal is to obtain business for his or her carrier only, not what's best for you from all available sources. We work for you only - by researching, reviewing and comparing the best suite of telecommunications solutions available to meet your unique requirements.
Q: What can I expect after you find the best communications solution for my business?
A: Finding the "right" solution is just the beginning of our service. We provide a competitive advantage to our clients by improving their utilization of time, sharing of information and developing strategies to improve their use of telecommunication services. In the long term our recommendations improve cost efficiencies and the capability of our customers to utilize the most advanced telecommunication services for their business.
Q: How Is Comtel Information Services positioned against its competitors (the individual carriers)?
A: Our edge in this highly competitive marketplace comes from our unique, value-added client approach, our knowledge and expertise in network design, optimization, and implementation, and the strategic relationships we have negotiated with quality communications carriers.
Q: Why is this important to me?
A: Through advertising and public relations, all carriers attempt to convince purchasers of their network services that their product/service line is unique and of a higher quality than their competitors'. The fact is that these giant companies deal with a commodity - minutes of network service over technologically similar networks - with little product difference. All have digital switches, largely fiber-optic networks and high quality service teams. All things being equal, why not go for the best combination of terms, service, reliability and price? Why overpay for what is essentially a commodity?
Q: Who are your clients?
A: Since 1994 we have helped many small to medium sized businesses along with major institutions. Any enterprise with 12 or more phone lines and a minimum of $1,200 per month in telecommunications costs can be most advantaged particularly in campus-like enterprises such as:
  • » Hospitality
  • » Education
  • » Healthcare
  • » Financial Services
  • » Call Centers
  • » Real Estate
  • » Non-Profit Organizations
  • » Dealerships
Q: Who are your partners and service providers?
A: PaeTec Communications, M5, Verizon, COVAD, XO, ACC Business, Global Crossing, McLeod USA, AT&T, Qwest, Broadview, AccuConference, AccuLinQ, CTS-directory assistance, Send Global–low rate international mobile phone calls. First Comm, UCN, PNG, Trans National (TNCI) among many others.
Q: I'm interested. What is my next step?
A: Simply call (800) 213-4884 or (718) 984-8254 and leave a message or email. We will let you know how much you can add to your net profit or let you know you're doing the best you can; all at no charge, no obligation, no risk.